Monday, August 22, 2005

Why I Can Never Be Of This World

I heard today on The Daily Buzz This morning that GQ Magazine is going to give Kevin Fedderline (That is Mr Britney Spears to the unhip among you) their Father of the Year award. Now this young man has two children, by a previous relationship, and now is preparing to be the father of Ms Spears (whom he married a few months ago) still unborn child.

When I think of all the other fathers that could have been chosen for this honor in the past few months. Jason Torres comes to mind, the young man who had to fight the hospital to keep his wife alive long enough so that his little daughter could have a chance at life. Any serviceman fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, or stationed in any port away from his wife and children is more deserving of the term Father of the Year.

I don't mean to sound judgmental or crass, but sheesh, sometimes I just don't understand this world. How can they honor someone for being the kind of person this young man has been? I saw about ten seconds of that stupid "reality show" of theirs, and all I could think of was that isn't real love. People who are really in love don't act that way, don't feel compelled to tell the entire world the intimate details about their lives. It made me sick, and sad.

So you see, I live in this world, but I will never be of this world. The news today proved it to me yet again.



Lynn said...

I agree with your point although for slightly different reasons. Still, the questions remain. What were they thinking? Could they be anymore crass?

Ash Wednesday said...

Hi Maggie,
Thanks for visiting my blog (and taking my "tag") :-)
Federline also left his previous girlfriend/fiancee and hooked up with Britney while the fiancee was pregnant. Lovely...

Heather said...

Yes this world certainly does have a warped view of what a good father is. I think of all the single fathers that exist trying to make a good life for their child. Or the father that loves the child that is not his blood (be it step, adopted or otherwise). There are countless other men who are more deserving of that title. I suppose it is up to the rest of us to make sure they know that :o)