Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Sister Knew A Thing Or Two

A quote from one of my favorite saints:

The devil will try to upset you by accusing you of being unworthy of the blessings that you have received. Simply remain cheerful and do your best to ignore the devil's nagging. If need be even laugh at the absurdity of the situation. Satan, the epitome of sin itself, accuses you of unworthiness! When the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future!

St. Teresa of Avila

from Today's Mass readings on ewtn

Now let me just add a disclaimer here. Saying one of my favorite saints is like saying one of my favorite chocolate candies. How does one choose? I love them all in their own way.


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Suzanne said...

Oh, how funny!!! You and me...we think alike today! I put a story about the same exact St. T quote today. I just now came to read your blog today and there it was again. A friend asked me if I had a good site to go to read the Mass Bible readings and I went there so I could send her the link (EWTN). I love this it! :)
*Wink* Sisters of the same Blood line somehow keep "connected!" :)