Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The New Priesthood . . .

has a wife.

This is a story about a transitional deacon in Kentucky who will, God willing, in a year be ordained a Catholic Priest owing to a little known canonical exception used to allow Episcopalian Priests who convert to Catholicism to also remain in the priesthood if they are married so long as they do not pastor a parish. The article says there are 70 such priests already actively in ministry within the church.

This may cause a firestorm of debate about celibacy and the priesthood. It certainly will bring us into interesting times.



Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

70? There must be more than that, unless they meant in the Kentucky area.

I personally know 2 "married" priests who converted.

It does raise interesting questions. One here in my town is essentially the pastor, he's just not called that.

Unknown said...

There are a few priests I know who are great just the way they are, as celibate clerics. There are others who could benifit greatly from the influence of a woman in thier life.

I used to kid one priest friend that he needed a wife to knock off his rough edges and keep him in line.

Suzanne said...

Are you talking about Father Don?

Unknown said...

If a woman were crazy enough to marry him, one of them would be dead in six months. I'm betting it would be him, and she would get off for justifiable homicide.