Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Shape Up! The Boss is Back!

My Boss got back late last night from WYD and acutally came into the office for a bit to tell us some stories about his trip.

He told us the story that goes with this picture actually. He was told right before the cruise that he would be doing the homily, only they didn't bother to tell him which readings they would be using for the Mass. Knowing him as I do, the homily was probably filled with the Holy Spirit. He also said that they unloaded eveything they needed from the bus for the Mass, and then the bus driver reloaded everything back onto the bus and drove away, so that there were only enough hosts for the priests. Everyone else was asked to make a Spiritual Communion. Such are the sacrifices one expects to make on a piligrimage.

He said there were nearly 8000 clergy in attendance at WYD. He also said that he brought me (and the other staff members) a rosary blessed by the Pope.

I am so glad that he is back safely. Thanks for your prayers for him.


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