Friday, August 12, 2005

On What Planet Does This Woman Live ?

From THIS Article about Planned Parenthood renting the Indiana Governor's Mansion and the ensuing protest that happened outside the gathering, comes what has to be the most absurd quote from a Planned Parenthood worker I have ever seen.

I quote it here:

Despite that Cockrum defended their overall mission. "Nobody does more to reduce the incidence of abortion than Planned Parenthood in this state, in this country and on this planet."

Would that be the planet "In her dreams"?



Rick Lugari said...

Amazing. I think I know what premise she is operating from.

The assumption is that every pregnancy is a possible abortion and since Planned Parenthood doles out oodles of birth control pills and condoms, she is considering every contracepted 'preganancy' as a prevented abortion. It sure is a twisted reasoning, but then again it would have to be.

Good post, Maggie.

Unknown said...

Interesting that she fails to take into her accounting that some of the forms of Birth Control that PP offers are abortifacient, so some of the abortions they are "preventing" are happening by very early term "abortion". The logic is indeed very circular.