Monday, July 31, 2006

A Gift of Prayer

One of my classmates at Gradual School is a woman who also happens to be an Episcopalian Priest. We had a long talk yesterday about what has been going on in our lives; my transition from work to stay at home mom, and her beginning a search for a parish to call her own (I wasn't aware how things worked, she isn't just assigned a church but she has to in essence do what ammounts to a job search).

Today she sent me this prayer to help me in my time of waiting on the Lord and I would like to share it with you all:

O God of peace, who has taught us that in returning and rest we shall be saved,
in quietness and in confidence shall be our strength: By the might of your
Spirit lift us, we pray, to your presence, where we may be still and know that you
are God; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Rodney Dangerfield; I Feel Your Pain

Today is the Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola

It can be really hard to be a Jesuit loving woman who attends a Benedictine run School of Theology. You get no respect, and the anti Jesuit jokes fly every weekend. I find myself having to defend my Jesuits just for being who they are.

This video does an amazing job of explaining why I have a deep and abiding love for the Jesuits and why Ignatian spirituality is deeply embedded at my core. Finding God in all things and seeing the dedication and passion with which these men do their work is inspiring.

Thanks to Higher Plane for the link.


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Home Again

This was a class weekend, so I spent 20 hours over the last two days in class listening to lectures about Modern Philosophy. It was mind numbing, but at least some of it registered. It occurred to me that the next time I go down there for class in a month it will be my last weekend on the hill at least for a weekend class. I technically have two classes left to go, but one will be an independent study, and the other will be off campus at the alternate site in Indianapolis. I will really miss being with my community of students.

Anyway when mrangelmeg and I arrived home and I had a chance to actually do a blog stroll, I got a real pick me up from Ironic Catholic who thankfully is back from vacation, finally.

Ironic has a link to these wonderful (de)motivational posters: What a hoot!

This was my personal favorite, and pretty much sums up how I feel after 20 hours of philosophy lectures:

NOTA: I count myself as one of the idiots when it comes to philosophy!

You can view the entire catalogue and choose your own favorites at

I am going to sleep.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Piano Breakthrough

I have been taking piano lessons for seven months now. Each month I have to keep reminding myself that I have been playing piano for less than a year because I somehow think that I should be picking up the playing of this complicated instrument much more quickly than I am. I suppose the reason that I feel that way is that I have been playing the flute since I was ten years old, so I do have some background in music.

But let me tell you, playing one note at a time on the flute is a piece of cake when compared to playing chords and progressions and harmony with one hand and melody with the other. Add to that my dyslexic brain which thinks up when I see the notes going down on the page and foggettaboudit!!!!!

So, I plug away at the simple songs in my book and my amazingly compassionate teacher sits with me each week and tells me, "No dear you need to be using the third finger for that note," or "You should be playing a G there not an A." And I practice at my little keyboard and slowly the jumble of notes on the page begin to actually sound like songs!

Last week though I had a real breakthrough as I was practicing. Somewhere in the inner recesses of my mind, I realized that if I relaxed and let my fingers do what they were supposed to do because they are set up over the right notes when they are in the right position on the keyboard (something my teacher always stresses) then I really don't have to hunt and peck to play because if my hand is in the right place then my finger is on the right note.

Today at my lesson time I played a very slow, but not too mangled version of The Can Can and my hands knew exactly what to do when I had to change positions and my fingers were on the right notes most of the time.

I think I am gonna like playing the piano from now on.


Nobody's Watching Or: another installment of Why I LOVE YouTube!

Nobody's Watching was a pilot for the now defunct WB network that sadly didn't make the transition to the new CW Network. The producers decided to give it a life on the internet, and loaded the pilot as three 9 minute segments on YouTube. here, here and here. Since they did that about a month ago nearly 400,000 people have taken the time to download and play the pilot, and since that time NBC has decided to pick up the series.

I for one am really glad because it was laugh out loud funny and creative. It will fit right into the NBC lineup of comedies like My Name is Earl, Scrubs and The Office.

Why not check it out yourself. You deserve a laugh.


Retreat Gift

My internet pal Mark Mossa SJ is off on a retreat with his Jesuit brothers who are nearing ordination. Some of you who have been reading my blog for a while may remember that when he went on a silent retreat a last summer I made the ultimate sacrifice of talking more for an entire week to ensure that his retreat would be fruitful for him.

Luckily this retreat isn't a silent retreat. (I don't think mrangelmeg could stand another week of my incessant chatter even if it were for as good a cause as someone's vocation). Instead of extra talk as my intention this retreat I have decided that I am going to offer a bit of silent restraint. As I have children to take care of, and I have to visit my mom on Thursday, and class over the weekend I won't be able to be completely silent. I will try as best I can though, to only speak, when what I have to say will improve on the silence. And when I am not speaking I will be in silent prayer, contemplating all of those intentions that I should be praying for, including Mark's and other friends who have asked for prayers, as well as the causes that I support.

So Mark, I hope your retreat brings you all that you need to strengthen your long journey to the priesthood. My week should at least bring me some much needed rest for my vocal chords, and a lot of time to pray and think.


Monday, July 24, 2006

What a Way to Spend a Few(?) Hours

I have spent 13 precious hours since Friday watching (or I should say re-watching) Brideshead Revisited the Granada Television mini-series from 1981. I had been looking for it in my parish video library; someone had it checked out since March and hadn't returned it yet. I had actually seen all of the episodes when they were originally shown on Public Television, but since then I have become reacquainted with Evelyn Waugh's writings and I couldn't remember how well the series had portrayed the characters as Waugh had written them.

So, when I found out that my parish video library had a copy of the DVD set I couldn't wait to see it again. But then, I had to wait, because every week when I went to check it was still not there.

Well, finally on Friday after Mass, my persistence was rewarded, and it had been returned. I tried to squeeze out an hour here or there over the weekend so that I could see each of the eleven episodes. Luckily today I was supposed to go out of town but my trip got canceled, so while I was doing laundry I got to watch the remaining episodes.

This was about as flawless a piece of adaptation as one could make from page to screen. I read somewhere that they had intended to do only 6 hours, but because of a strike that delayed production, after looking at what had already been shot, they decided to take advantage of the work stoppage and asked John Mortimer to expand the script to the final 13 hour epic. Having seen all 13 hours I can't imagine what they could have cut.

As a portrait of the Church there is so much that was left intact from the book. One can actually visualize Charles' journey from unbelief to belief, and how the Flyte family members represent points of attraction and revulsion to the Church for him. It really does represent the entire cross section of Catholics in the world in one family. Come to think of it, that same cross section of Catholics could probably be found in my own family, even dear sad Rex, whose insistent need to join the church led to his willingness to try to believe anything he was told.

It says on IMDB that there is another version in development, set to come out in 2008. I can't imagine why anyone would consider trying to remake something that was so well made the first time around.

Anyway, now that I have seen the mini-series again, I suppose I will have to get out my copy of the book and re-read the novel. Ah, what joy.


Friday, July 21, 2006

From the Wish I Had Thought of That File!

The Mathsiah

Another great parody from the Curt Jester.

As I posted in his comment box; if I have to do math to get into heaven I will never get out of purgatory.



Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Have a Confession to Make

Today I was involved in Terrorist activity.

In fact pretty much every Thursday morning since I quit my job I engage in this activity. I peacefully assemble with a group of like minded people who range in age from close to 70 to about 3 and we pray the rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in front of the Local Planned Parenthood in an effort to stop the taking of human life that goes on inside the walls of that organization almost every Thursday.

I pray that my sincere wish, combined with that of all of my co-conspirators will change the hearts and lives of the women and men who are involved in the abortion industry, as well as those who come to seek abortion. I pray that those who feel that abortion is their only choice will be moved to see through this deception and seek other solutions to the situation in which they find themselves; a solution that doesn't involve the taking of an innocent human life.

Our little group is watched over by an armed security guard, and two women who act as escorts for the customers of the clinic. I wonder at the fact that I am considered a terrorist, and yet the only person carrying a weapon is connected to the clinic.

I suppose this really isn't a true confession, because there is no contrition here. I don't intend to stop going back. So long as there are abortions being performed at that "Center for Women's Health" I will continue to go there every Thursday to pray for an end to the violence against the unborn.

You are welcome to join me if you like.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

MEME of Five

took this tag from SFO Mom :

1) Would you be willing to commit perjury in court for a close friend? What if your lie would save his life?

I am a firm believer in the judicial process and feel that the only way for it to work is for people to stand by their oath that they are telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I might be willing to not give information if I wasn't asked, but I don't think I would be willing to lie about something I knew to be the truth because that would be subverting the system. Besides that I have a huge fear of getting caught and sent to prison for perjury, which a felony.

2) Would you be willing to eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000?

If I were starving and the live crickets were the only food there was to eat I would still probably not be able to eat them. The thought of their crawly legs touching my lips grosses me out even to think about let alone eat. Now if you asked if I would do this to save someone's life, I might be able to do it if it meant life or death for someone, but not just for money.

3. Would you have one of your fingers surgically removed if it guaranteed immunity from all major diseases?

That seems like such a silly thing to do as a hedge against disease. As a writer and flutist and budding pianist I would find it really hard to live without a finger that I purposely chose to remove. Besides that doesn't guarantee that I wouldn't get smacked by a bus the next time I crossed the street.

4. Would you be willing to give up all television for 5 years if it would induce someone to provide for 1,000 starving children?
I have become a bit of a TV junkie of late, especially reality television shows and I never miss The Office, so I would really miss it, but if it would guarantee that 1,000 children would be provided for and thrive I could easily find other things to do with my time. I would begin by reading all of the books I have that I have never gotten around to reading.

5. Would you accept $1 million to leave the country and never set foot in it again?
Not if it meant that I also never got to see my family and friends again. $1 million doesn't go as far as it used to go. There are many places in the world I would love to see, and a few I might like to even live in for a spell, but I would miss my family way too much to never come back here and see them. Besides I don't think there is another country in the world that I would want to live in for the long haul, really.

Anyone who wants to give this one a whirl is welcome to consider themselves tagged.


Famous Last Words

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"What we know is not much. What we don't know is enormous."

Since the start of gradual school those are pretty much my now words; does that mean I will just keep repeating myself until I die?

thanks for the link to Minivan Mom


Why I Wish My Mind Was That Quick

A few days ago the gang at Korrektiv began a campaign aimed at poking good natured fun at Matthew Lickona's book title Swimming With Scapulars that was not only funny but got my mind reeling with possible (but I must admit, really bad pun) ideas, none of which I had the nerve to post on the comments section. Just one was Praying with Pimples, adventures in youth ministry (see what I mean not nearly as funny.)

BTW: If you haven't read the book Swimming With Scapulars yet I recommend it, and so does the boss I had when it came out. Fr. Dan recommended it to nearly everyone in the parish who would listen to him.

Now, this morning I find what has to be the funniest picture for Matthew's upcoming book
Running with Rosaries . It is a good thing mrangelmeg had to get up early this morning because my insane laughter would have surely shocked him awake when I saw the picture.

Oddly I know I have seen that picture somewhere before in the blogosphere, hmmm like here!
Though I have to admit that Running With Rosaries is a much better caption than anything that the Curt Jester's readers came up with.

Question; does a good early morning laugh constitute as aerobic exercise for the day?


Monday, July 17, 2006

Married Men, Listen Carefully

Even mrangelmeg knows of my near obsession with Hugh Jackman, so I am not giving away any deep dark secret here when I tell you that I have a thing for this guy. One of the most endearing things about him is that he appears to really be in love with his wife. While cleaning the bathroom in my bedroom today I was watching YouTube clips and came across this from an Australian talk show. The first part talks about how he reacted to his mother leaving when he was eight years old, and later you hear his views on his wife and their marriage.

I just have one comment to make:



Someone You Might Like to Know

You may not at first glance recognize this actor. I have known about Tom Wilson as an actor for quite a while and have admired his work in Movies and Television. I even saw him on Life on the Rock on EWTN talking openly about his faith and how he and his wife live and are raising their four children as Catholics in Hollywood. There is much to admire about the way this man has lived his life as an actor, but that is only part of who he is. What you might not know about Tom Wilson is that he is a very funny comedian. I first heard him do comedy as a guest on the Bob and Tom Show.

I suppose that this is where I have to admit my guilty little secret, I am an almost daily listener to the Bob and Tom Show. Especially since I got my new car last summer, which gets awesome reception of the Indianapolis radio station from which they broadcast every morning. When I am not driving around in the morning I often listen via streaming audio on my computer. I am pretty sure that some mornings listening to this program is a mere occasion of sin, but it also has the most amazing line up of comedy and music guests and is consistently funny. But I digress.

Tom Wilson is very funny. If you go to his website and click on the link in the upper right hand corner you can hear a recent visit to Bob and Tom where he played the Question Song (very funny answers to all the annoying questions he gets about his Back to the Future days). And you can actually buy CD's of his Comedy stuff.

What I didn't know before today was what a phenomenal artist he is. He paints pop art pictures of the toys and images of our childhood (if you happen to be from my generation), which he calls Big Pop Fun. (click on each word for a look at all three galleries of pictures)
Just looking through his gallery on his sight was making me nostalgic. I imagine it would be even moreso for mrangelmeg or other men because he focuses on boys toys.

He was also asked to paint images of Disneyland for the 50th anniversary, and you can see those on his site as well. When I think of the gospel message for yesterday about being in the world spreading the good news, using the talents God granted us and being blessed and a blessing to the world; Tom Wilson surely fits the bill as someone who embodies those qualities.

I wonder if I ever met him in a public place if he would be upset if I asked him who his favorite saint was, and then I asked him to call my brother's cellphone and leave "you're a butthead" on his answering machine?


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday Morning State of Mind

Oldest daughter and I drove up to visit mom last night, because oldest daughter has finally found a job (praise God for favors granted) and needs to take a liquor licensing class so that she can be a waitress in an establishment that serves alcohol even though she is only 20. The first available local class was next week, but there was one today here where mom lives so I volunteered to drive her up here so she could take the class this week, because she can't start work until she is licensed.

Besides the stated benefit of getting to see mom and my sisters ( a mixed blessing because of mom's state of mind) I also was hoping to get a chance to go to Mass with my Spiritual Director who happens to be mom's Parish Priest. When I got here my sister informed me that said priest was away for the weekend visiting family and when daughter and I went to Mass we would have some other priest. waaaah. I have had really hard luck getting my visits to mom to coordinate with Fr.'s vacations this summer.

Anyway, daughter and I got to Mass about fifteen minutes early, and we were sitting in the half empty church when who should walk up the side aisle but himself! He passed right by me, but then when he realized who I was he turned back around and came back. I told him that my sisters had said that he would be gone and he replied that they don't know anything. We at least had a chance to say hi and get hugs before he had to get started preparing for liturgy.

Oh what a liturgy it was. I had forgotten how powerful a liturgist this man is. He really knows what he is doing when he is in persona christi. His homily was very powerful and touched a place in my heart that needed to be reached, I am sure it did so for his congregation. I had also forgotten how beautifully he sings.

Daughter noticed that he made a special point of welcoming visitors before the final blessing of the Mass, she leaned over and said "guess he means us mom."

So, his homily message was that we are all called to be prophets, we are all called to be in this world spreading the Good News and building up the Church. After all, the church is made up of 99.9% laity, and if we are all actively doing what we are supposed to be doing we are a force to be reckoned with. Go do what you are called to be doing.

It sure made me think, what am I doing, and what more could I be doing. Especially to evangelize my children since that is where God has called me in this next stage of my life; home to be more present to them.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Planning a Trip or Just Curious?

Ironic Catholic hit the nail right on its sweaty head with this post inquiring as to whether the temperature in hell is felt as dry or humid heat.

On a day when the humidity was so bad in hoosierland that you had to drink every breath this really helped to at least do it with a smile.

Thanks for giving us a great pre-vacation smile.


Friday, July 14, 2006

I Heard . . .

That taking Ginkgo Biloba would greatly enhance the memory, so I bought a bottle of tablets and put them in my bathroom.

The problem is I can never remember to take the darn things.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oh Baby What A Cast!

I watched this adorable movie, Maybe Baby with my oldest daughter today, because in her words it starred the trifecta of hot English Actors in Hugh Laurie, Adrian Lester and James Purefoy, all in one movie. Personally, I think Hugh Laurie is a great actor, but I am not blown away by his looks, and Adrian Lester is very nice to look at, and his accent is killer.

But I have to admit that James Purefoy is one handsome man. There is a scene where he recites a Shakespeare Sonnet to an office full of women and they all swoon and I was swooning right along with them. (somebody find me a fan, and quick) There aren't many nicer looking men on the planet, except for mrangelmeg of course. He has that smoky dark look; dark eyes, dark hair, I think he would make an amazing James Bond.

Anyway, back to the movie. It turned out to be a touching account of how a loving couple deals with the crushing intrusiveness of infertility treatment and the subject was handled with wit and empathy, and some crass commercialism. The end was a stunning testament to real love. I would highly recommend it.


sb email alert!

Strongbad finally has a new email.



Right to Bare What?

So I was reading my daily paper this morning and there was a front page article that actually made me spit coffee across the room! It appears there is a man in our state prison system who is serving time for murder and is suing the county because his access to sexually explicit materials is limited. He was forced to cancel his subscriptions to Hustler because of the explicit content which is not allowed into the prison.

The inmate says that the policy is unconstitutional on the grounds that it might curtail sexually explicit letters from loved ones. Or, get this, Jackie Collins novels.

The Prison Administration says they are just trying to create an environment in which rehabilitation can occur. A Jackie Collins free zone. Now, I ask you wouldn't that be a blessing?

Hey, it could happen.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not a fan of the look but . . .

Read this for the first well reasoned response to the question Why on earth would you want to go and wear a cassock?

This post will at least make me rethink my objections. Especially point #2. I never thought of it as an exercise in poverty of appearance. (perhaps because one cassock wearing priest of which I am acquainted always seems to be preening in his well tailored cassock). If this is the reasoning behind the wearing of a simple cassock it makes quite a bit of sense.

thanks to Arthur at Angry Twins for the link.

A Huge Case of Candidate Envy

This Article in the Baltimore Sun really makes me wish we had a candidate like Maryland Lt. Governor Michael S. Steele here in our state.

"You will find that you cannot divorce your faith from your public service," Steele said, as the audience, primarily composed of parents who home-school their children, applauded. "There can be no conflict between God's will and my duty as a public servant." . . .

"You can't please everyone, but you can certainly make them all mad at you at the same time," Steele said, as the audience chuckled. "As an African-American Catholic Republican, I'm pretty good at ticking everyone off." . . .

"You can't be a sign of contradiction and be 'personally opposed, but ... ,'" Steele said, referring to Catholics who oppose abortion but do not take an anti-abortion political stance. "You have to be a sign of contradiction in moments like that."

Steele criticized Catholic politicians who support policies that violate the church's teachings on issues such as "the degrading of holy institutions like marriage."

I am so happy to find Catholics politicians willing to stand up for who they are at their core. Hey, if this guys is running for Senate, maybe we can get him on the Presidential ticket in the future. I would sure vote for him!!!

Thanks to Curt Jester for the link.


How To Write Like a Philosopher in Three Easy(?) Steps

Okay, so my two loyal readers know that for the last month I have been studying Philosophy for the first time in my life because God made me change my Gradual School major from MTS which required no Philosophy courses to MA which requires three sections of Philosophy. Still not real happy at God for the switch, but what are you gonna do in the face of that loving nudge in the right direction, I ask you?

Sadly I have absolutely no background in Philosophy whatsoever, unless you count the fact that my beloved Father majored in Philosophy at St Ambrose so far back in the day that it was still a College. Unfortunately for me, philosophical principals do not pass genetically from father to daughter, and as much as I would love to ask dad for help, the phone rates to heaven preclude me from contacting him, though I do beseech him in prayer for any intercession his saintly life might allow -- hoping all those masses we had said for him have gotten him out of purgatory in time to assist me in this endeavor. Needing a bit more tangible help than that, I chose a few more substantial sources of assistance.

I rummaged through my devoted husband's college textbooks from 20+ years ago to find this and went to my local booksellers and purchased a copy of this . Then, I began to read. Everywhere I have been, from Dr.'s waiting rooms to my youngest daughter's softball league games I have carried a philosophy text for the past month. I have read so much philosophy that one would think that some would begin to sink in.

In between bouts of silent screaming, I am, I must admit beginning to assimilate some of what I am reading. Enough at least to offer this lesson in how to write like a Philosopher, just in case anyone is interested:

1) Choose a topic on which to ruminate, and then spend an inordinate amount of your time and energy refuting what previous philosophers and schools of thought have had to say on the particular subject.

2) Make sure to use as many polysyllabic words as possible, and the more syllables the better. This will serve two purposes, it will not only make you sound intelligent but make it harder for the less informed to refute your claims for fear of seeming stupid. (I refuse to admit how often I had to use a dictionary in order to read even the idiots guide)

3) Circular logic is often necessary in this form of writing. Embrace your inconsistencies with conviction. If you own them they will stand at least until the next guy refutes them in his(her) writings.

So, there you have it. On balance, I think I am doing an admirable job as a budding student of philosophy. And just to be sure I am staying in the right frame of mine, I purchased a copy of this, and I have made this one of my regular study breaks.

I can survive three courses in Philosophy. I may eventually learn to tollerate it. I still can't figure out why my dad chose to major in this stuff?


Monday, July 10, 2006

Colbert's Genius Shines The Satirical Spotlight on Truth

thanks to Ironic Catholic for the link (via Korrektiv)For an interesting take on Comedy, Colbert and Catholicism go to Mormon2Catholic.

I wish his show wasn't on so darn late, I have a really hard time staying awake till 11:30, let alone midnight, so I rarely get to see his show, but I highly recommend it. My daughter tells me the show was nominated for Emmy's. I think those are well deserved.


This Week's Shot of B16

OR Why I Love This Pope So Much:

A quote from a message at the vigil at the fifth world meeting of families in Valencia, Spain:

"To promote the values of marriage does not stand in the way of fully experiencing the happiness that man and woman encounter in their mutual love," he noted. "Christian faith and ethics are not meant to stifle love, but to make it healthier, stronger and more truly free Â…"

he continued. "Human love needs to be purified and to mature if it is to be fully human and the principle of a true and lasting joy."

VALENCIA, Spain,JULYY 9, 2006 (

He should have been wearing a Fight Hedonism T-shirt while he was giving that message. I think that has been the message we have received from our last two Popes. We need to rise above the hedonism of this world and reclaim true love for its intended purpose.

Later in the message B16 goes on to say:

"this meeting(world meeting of families) provides a new impetus for proclaiming the Gospel of the family, reaffirming the strength and identity of the family founded upon marriage and open to the generous gift of life, where children are accompanied in their bodily and spiritual growth."

He concluded saying "this is the best way to counter a widespread hedonism which reduces human relations to banality and empties them of their authentic value and beauty."

Preach it Papa, if only the world would listen!


Friday, July 07, 2006

My Favorite TV Show

Have you seen The Office yet? If not you have to catch up before the new season. This video of clips of Jim's pranks will give you a taste of why I love it so much.

Beginning July 13 I will be watching the Office webisodes , care to join me?


Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Place for Everything . . .

And almost everything in place.

I have been working like a little fiend all day trying to get my bedroom office organized. I must admit that my side of the bedroom was getting to be a bit of a trash heap the last few months what with the busy work schedule and my gradual school classes. I let a lot of little jobs slide and started piling things up on (and under) my desk and beside my bed figuring I would eventually get to them.

Well the day of reckonings is upon me. I put the movie Crash on my computer DVD player ( My kids got me the director's cut for Mother's Day, I highly recommend this movie) and got to work on all the little organizational jobs I had been putting off for so long. Now my side of the bedroom is looking pretty organized. And you will never guess . . . You can actually walk into our walk in closet!

I have such a sense of accomplishment when I look at all the space that I cleared out. It is such a thrilling feeling to be able to walk around my room without feeling as though I am doing an obstacle course. Now the question is will the momentum continue, or will I need to nap all day tomorrow to recover?

Either way no one can take today away from me.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Have You Ever Wondered?

Almost everyone has word verification programs in their comment boxes to keep them free from spam. They usually contain a radom string of letters that one must type correctly in order for ones comment to post.

At times I have felt heavy drops of sweat bead up on my forehead as I type the long list of letters necessary to allow my witty and salient comments to be added to someone's blog post, because it brings flashbacks of high school typing class. Often in my head I can even hear the wonderful southern drawl of my Typing teacher shouting out each letter as I try to type it. There are times when I have to make two and even three attempts at a string before I can get my dyslexic brain to get the letters into the correct configuration for my comment to successfully post. It can be maddening.

Ironic Catholic has found an even more sinister basis for these strings of letters though. Whew, now that I know it is the evil one behind these messages and not some infernal, never-ending typing mid-term, I can relax. St. Michael the archangel, defend us in battle, even against the minions of the com-boxes.

Thanks to Curt Jester for the link.


This Day is Getting Way too Technorati For Me

So, I decided to add a few little embellishments to my blog this morning. I added a com.ment tracker and joined technorati. The only problem is now that I have done those two things I have exhausted my technological muscle, and I have no earthly idea how to use my new innovations.

Oh well, I guess it will be like every other computer software toy I have ever found, I will learn by using, or by just leaving alone until someone shows me how to use them.

Have a wonderful 5th of July. We all happily survived the evening with all of our fingers and toes intact and more bottle rockets still left to shoot off than we will ever be able to use. I don't know what the kids where thinking when they bought that many, except they were cheap cheap cheap.

I think I need a nap already.

Monday, July 03, 2006

My Name is Angelmeg, and I am a Larkaholic.

The July issue of the Lark is available.

I laughed until there were tears in my eyes.

I wonder if I can convince our parish council to get a mascot?


It Starts!!!! Where Did I Put Those Ear Plugs?

America, isn't it a great country? We celebrate our independence from Britain by blowing things up! The only thing my kids think about for at least two weeks prior to the holiday is how much stuff can they afford to buy that they will be able to blow up. It is the highlight of their holiday.

Don't get me wrong, they do go to the parade and celebrate the democratic process. But, as we live in a college town that leans to the liberal side of the spectrum our parade is a mixed bag. We have a healthy representation of both major parties, and every office holder and major candidate in the county. Our Parade also celebrates veterans of every war, living and deceased. We also get to see every scout troop, dance academy and Karate school in town, which is as it should be.

Butt then along with these staples of most small town parades we are blessed with the fringe parties, such as the green party, the libertarians, and the tree huggers. Then we have the floats for the Society for the Legalization of Hemp, and the Society for Creative Anachronism, and Miss Gay IU (A beautiful? Drag Queen, explain that to your four year old). Then we have this group called Beanpole -- they worship pointless behavior and come up with odd costumes every year.

My kids endure the parade each year because they know that their reward for living through the heat of the parade is that when the sun goes down, after the fireworks are over they will be allowed to blow things up.

Just as their forefathers intended. It has to be one of those constitutional rights doesn't it?