Monday, July 03, 2006

It Starts!!!! Where Did I Put Those Ear Plugs?

America, isn't it a great country? We celebrate our independence from Britain by blowing things up! The only thing my kids think about for at least two weeks prior to the holiday is how much stuff can they afford to buy that they will be able to blow up. It is the highlight of their holiday.

Don't get me wrong, they do go to the parade and celebrate the democratic process. But, as we live in a college town that leans to the liberal side of the spectrum our parade is a mixed bag. We have a healthy representation of both major parties, and every office holder and major candidate in the county. Our Parade also celebrates veterans of every war, living and deceased. We also get to see every scout troop, dance academy and Karate school in town, which is as it should be.

Butt then along with these staples of most small town parades we are blessed with the fringe parties, such as the green party, the libertarians, and the tree huggers. Then we have the floats for the Society for the Legalization of Hemp, and the Society for Creative Anachronism, and Miss Gay IU (A beautiful? Drag Queen, explain that to your four year old). Then we have this group called Beanpole -- they worship pointless behavior and come up with odd costumes every year.

My kids endure the parade each year because they know that their reward for living through the heat of the parade is that when the sun goes down, after the fireworks are over they will be allowed to blow things up.

Just as their forefathers intended. It has to be one of those constitutional rights doesn't it?



Suzanne said...

You have to live in a place like ours to get it, don't cha? I didn't even go to the parade last year and not really sure I will this year...esp. if it doesn't cool off! Yikes! I also hear storms...we'll see. Anyway, there is no way to explain to children "pointless behaviour" such as way. Hmmm...

glorybe said...

It really is sad that you have to endure the yucky stuff in the parade.

I pray you have a very happy 4th, angelmeg!