Thursday, July 13, 2006

Right to Bare What?

So I was reading my daily paper this morning and there was a front page article that actually made me spit coffee across the room! It appears there is a man in our state prison system who is serving time for murder and is suing the county because his access to sexually explicit materials is limited. He was forced to cancel his subscriptions to Hustler because of the explicit content which is not allowed into the prison.

The inmate says that the policy is unconstitutional on the grounds that it might curtail sexually explicit letters from loved ones. Or, get this, Jackie Collins novels.

The Prison Administration says they are just trying to create an environment in which rehabilitation can occur. A Jackie Collins free zone. Now, I ask you wouldn't that be a blessing?

Hey, it could happen.


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Suzanne said...

Oh, man! People get nuttier everyday...just when you think people can't be more nuts, they prove you soo wrong!