Sunday, July 30, 2006

Home Again

This was a class weekend, so I spent 20 hours over the last two days in class listening to lectures about Modern Philosophy. It was mind numbing, but at least some of it registered. It occurred to me that the next time I go down there for class in a month it will be my last weekend on the hill at least for a weekend class. I technically have two classes left to go, but one will be an independent study, and the other will be off campus at the alternate site in Indianapolis. I will really miss being with my community of students.

Anyway when mrangelmeg and I arrived home and I had a chance to actually do a blog stroll, I got a real pick me up from Ironic Catholic who thankfully is back from vacation, finally.

Ironic has a link to these wonderful (de)motivational posters: What a hoot!

This was my personal favorite, and pretty much sums up how I feel after 20 hours of philosophy lectures:

NOTA: I count myself as one of the idiots when it comes to philosophy!

You can view the entire catalogue and choose your own favorites at

I am going to sleep.


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The Ironic Catholic said...

Welcome back!

You can hang up that poster next to your grad degree. It would be a nice touch. :)