Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Place for Everything . . .

And almost everything in place.

I have been working like a little fiend all day trying to get my bedroom office organized. I must admit that my side of the bedroom was getting to be a bit of a trash heap the last few months what with the busy work schedule and my gradual school classes. I let a lot of little jobs slide and started piling things up on (and under) my desk and beside my bed figuring I would eventually get to them.

Well the day of reckonings is upon me. I put the movie Crash on my computer DVD player ( My kids got me the director's cut for Mother's Day, I highly recommend this movie) and got to work on all the little organizational jobs I had been putting off for so long. Now my side of the bedroom is looking pretty organized. And you will never guess . . . You can actually walk into our walk in closet!

I have such a sense of accomplishment when I look at all the space that I cleared out. It is such a thrilling feeling to be able to walk around my room without feeling as though I am doing an obstacle course. Now the question is will the momentum continue, or will I need to nap all day tomorrow to recover?

Either way no one can take today away from me.


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Suzanne said...

LOL! That is such a cute post! I love that "accomplishment" feeling thing, esp. after I haven't messed with a particular room in a long time. I remember when I decided to make our bedroom more "romantic friendly." LOL!
Anyway, I was so pleased with my accomplishment and I got it to a place that was also very relaxing too. That was a couple of years ago. Mind you, it doesn't always look perfect, but I still try to keep that space "our space," and it really did work with the "romantic friendly" idea I had too! ;) Glad you had fun!