Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not a fan of the look but . . .

Read this for the first well reasoned response to the question Why on earth would you want to go and wear a cassock?

This post will at least make me rethink my objections. Especially point #2. I never thought of it as an exercise in poverty of appearance. (perhaps because one cassock wearing priest of which I am acquainted always seems to be preening in his well tailored cassock). If this is the reasoning behind the wearing of a simple cassock it makes quite a bit of sense.

thanks to Arthur at Angry Twins for the link.


glorybe said...

I became a fan of cassocks when a Byzantine priest came to our parish to help out. I really respect him, and have always thought his well-worn and thread-bare cassock spoke of modesty and a rejection of the material world.

Thanks so much for directing me to this priest's blog. I read all of his posts and have enjoyed them enormously.

Suzanne said...

I agree alot with glorybe ...this is the way I look at them too and also they say to me that the Father is available to help to anyone who he might encounter...I know I've heard alot more non-Catholics seem to feel an aura of respect surrounding those who show themselves openly in their vocation with some sort of sign...or even a sacramental, like the rosary.
If it is okay for the Friars or the Dominicans, Monks, whomever to wear their robes and we don't complain, then why not a cassock? I just think alot of our middle aged priests don't want to go back because it would make them feel so different. Well, that is okay, but don't put down the ones who want to...who have good reason to. If they are wearing it to just make a ego filled scene, then that is wrong, but that goes for anything. Well, that is my 2 cents worth anyway. :)