Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday Morning State of Mind

Oldest daughter and I drove up to visit mom last night, because oldest daughter has finally found a job (praise God for favors granted) and needs to take a liquor licensing class so that she can be a waitress in an establishment that serves alcohol even though she is only 20. The first available local class was next week, but there was one today here where mom lives so I volunteered to drive her up here so she could take the class this week, because she can't start work until she is licensed.

Besides the stated benefit of getting to see mom and my sisters ( a mixed blessing because of mom's state of mind) I also was hoping to get a chance to go to Mass with my Spiritual Director who happens to be mom's Parish Priest. When I got here my sister informed me that said priest was away for the weekend visiting family and when daughter and I went to Mass we would have some other priest. waaaah. I have had really hard luck getting my visits to mom to coordinate with Fr.'s vacations this summer.

Anyway, daughter and I got to Mass about fifteen minutes early, and we were sitting in the half empty church when who should walk up the side aisle but himself! He passed right by me, but then when he realized who I was he turned back around and came back. I told him that my sisters had said that he would be gone and he replied that they don't know anything. We at least had a chance to say hi and get hugs before he had to get started preparing for liturgy.

Oh what a liturgy it was. I had forgotten how powerful a liturgist this man is. He really knows what he is doing when he is in persona christi. His homily was very powerful and touched a place in my heart that needed to be reached, I am sure it did so for his congregation. I had also forgotten how beautifully he sings.

Daughter noticed that he made a special point of welcoming visitors before the final blessing of the Mass, she leaned over and said "guess he means us mom."

So, his homily message was that we are all called to be prophets, we are all called to be in this world spreading the Good News and building up the Church. After all, the church is made up of 99.9% laity, and if we are all actively doing what we are supposed to be doing we are a force to be reckoned with. Go do what you are called to be doing.

It sure made me think, what am I doing, and what more could I be doing. Especially to evangelize my children since that is where God has called me in this next stage of my life; home to be more present to them.



Owen {onionboy | luminousmiseries | & smithereens said...

Our pastor spoke about the various reasons Jesus may have sent them our two by two. His challenge was that as we do go we should expect to be turned away at least as often as our message may be received.

An aside: I was Lector today. I love doing that. I miss preaching but reading the Word is very fine.

Owen {art} {poetry & memoir}

Suzanne said...

I know we must have to "expect" this, for everything that I have done that I have really and truly felt called to do, it seems as though the message was not received nearly as well as I had so longed and hoped for...I realize now, I believe I have been just waaaaay too sensitive. I was telling my daughter today, pray hard for what you think God wants you to do...try to do what you believe He is wanting and when the going gets rough (and believe me, you will be hurt by many...yes, even within those church walls) you must keep on if you still believe...maybe you'll need to change here and there..maybe the things you do will need to be changed every so often, but pray and be happy...happy to know you are giving it your best...for THAT is all He is asking of us. Good post and glad you found your dear friend today and glad you spent the day with your sweet daughter!