Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This Day is Getting Way too Technorati For Me

So, I decided to add a few little embellishments to my blog this morning. I added a com.ment tracker and joined technorati. The only problem is now that I have done those two things I have exhausted my technological muscle, and I have no earthly idea how to use my new innovations.

Oh well, I guess it will be like every other computer software toy I have ever found, I will learn by using, or by just leaving alone until someone shows me how to use them.

Have a wonderful 5th of July. We all happily survived the evening with all of our fingers and toes intact and more bottle rockets still left to shoot off than we will ever be able to use. I don't know what the kids where thinking when they bought that many, except they were cheap cheap cheap.

I think I need a nap already.


Suzanne said...

WHAT'S DA MATTA? WERE YOU ALL TOO GOOD FOR THE BIG PARADE? YEAH, I FIGURED! LOL! (About all you missed was the idiot running around with her white bra, black boy panties and and belly hanging out!) Man, sad...she had a beautiful face! Seriously.

angelmeg said...

Actually I bought a bag of candy and threw it at the kids and they were fine with missing the parade and I got a really nice nap in the bargain!!!

Aren't I the lucky mom for thinking on my feet?