Monday, July 17, 2006

Someone You Might Like to Know

You may not at first glance recognize this actor. I have known about Tom Wilson as an actor for quite a while and have admired his work in Movies and Television. I even saw him on Life on the Rock on EWTN talking openly about his faith and how he and his wife live and are raising their four children as Catholics in Hollywood. There is much to admire about the way this man has lived his life as an actor, but that is only part of who he is. What you might not know about Tom Wilson is that he is a very funny comedian. I first heard him do comedy as a guest on the Bob and Tom Show.

I suppose that this is where I have to admit my guilty little secret, I am an almost daily listener to the Bob and Tom Show. Especially since I got my new car last summer, which gets awesome reception of the Indianapolis radio station from which they broadcast every morning. When I am not driving around in the morning I often listen via streaming audio on my computer. I am pretty sure that some mornings listening to this program is a mere occasion of sin, but it also has the most amazing line up of comedy and music guests and is consistently funny. But I digress.

Tom Wilson is very funny. If you go to his website and click on the link in the upper right hand corner you can hear a recent visit to Bob and Tom where he played the Question Song (very funny answers to all the annoying questions he gets about his Back to the Future days). And you can actually buy CD's of his Comedy stuff.

What I didn't know before today was what a phenomenal artist he is. He paints pop art pictures of the toys and images of our childhood (if you happen to be from my generation), which he calls Big Pop Fun. (click on each word for a look at all three galleries of pictures)
Just looking through his gallery on his sight was making me nostalgic. I imagine it would be even moreso for mrangelmeg or other men because he focuses on boys toys.

He was also asked to paint images of Disneyland for the 50th anniversary, and you can see those on his site as well. When I think of the gospel message for yesterday about being in the world spreading the good news, using the talents God granted us and being blessed and a blessing to the world; Tom Wilson surely fits the bill as someone who embodies those qualities.

I wonder if I ever met him in a public place if he would be upset if I asked him who his favorite saint was, and then I asked him to call my brother's cellphone and leave "you're a butthead" on his answering machine?


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