Monday, July 17, 2006

Married Men, Listen Carefully

Even mrangelmeg knows of my near obsession with Hugh Jackman, so I am not giving away any deep dark secret here when I tell you that I have a thing for this guy. One of the most endearing things about him is that he appears to really be in love with his wife. While cleaning the bathroom in my bedroom today I was watching YouTube clips and came across this from an Australian talk show. The first part talks about how he reacted to his mother leaving when he was eight years old, and later you hear his views on his wife and their marriage.

I just have one comment to make:




ukok said...

Oh my! Where can I find me a nice Catholic man that feels so strongly about the union of Matrimony?!?

angelmeg said...

My mom swears by a devotion to St. Joseph for a good Catholic husband. It worked for her.

I met mrangelmeg about six weeks after I had completely given up on finding mr right in college. I surrendered to God's obviously apparent plan that I was never going to find love in college, and began to fill out Grad School applications and stopped dating, content with the idea that I was going to live the chaste single life as an accademic. Ten weeks late I was engaged.

Letting go of my plans and leaving it up to God's was what led me to be open to the gift that was (and still remains) mrangelmeg.