Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why I Wish My Mind Was That Quick

A few days ago the gang at Korrektiv began a campaign aimed at poking good natured fun at Matthew Lickona's book title Swimming With Scapulars that was not only funny but got my mind reeling with possible (but I must admit, really bad pun) ideas, none of which I had the nerve to post on the comments section. Just one was Praying with Pimples, adventures in youth ministry (see what I mean not nearly as funny.)

BTW: If you haven't read the book Swimming With Scapulars yet I recommend it, and so does the boss I had when it came out. Fr. Dan recommended it to nearly everyone in the parish who would listen to him.

Now, this morning I find what has to be the funniest picture for Matthew's upcoming book
Running with Rosaries . It is a good thing mrangelmeg had to get up early this morning because my insane laughter would have surely shocked him awake when I saw the picture.

Oddly I know I have seen that picture somewhere before in the blogosphere, hmmm like here!
Though I have to admit that Running With Rosaries is a much better caption than anything that the Curt Jester's readers came up with.

Question; does a good early morning laugh constitute as aerobic exercise for the day?



Jonathan Potter said...

Thanks for the write-up! I, too, was amazed to see Mr. Lickona dressed up as a bullfighter.

Matthew Lickona said...

My dear Mr. Potter,
There are very few things I will not do for the sake of marketing. Happily, I happened to have a bullfighter costume on hand, as the children are fond of seeing me perform with cape and sword at pig-killing time. Porco! Porco!
My dear Ms. Angelmeg,
Thank you kindly for the recommendation. I must note, however, that Running with Rosaries was a title applied, half-in-jest, to my second effort before it was even completed. And once it was completed, it was rejected. There is, at the moment, no book two in the offing. But we shall see.