Friday, January 27, 2012

Learn To Live In Loneliness

Learn to Live in Loneliness
Carl Sandburg

A man must get away
now and then
to experience loneliness.

Only those who learn how to live
in loneliness
can come to know themselves
and life.

I go out there and walk
and look at the trees and sky.
I listen to the sounds of loneliness.
I sit on a rock or stump
and say to myself,

"Who are you, Sandburg?
Where have you been,
and where are you going?"

I needed to read this today. I needed to be reminded that Time by myself is not punishment, or wasted, but rather, time to get to know who I really am.


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Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Times They Are . . .

So, I got a contract to write a book. I gave myself a "grace period/vacation" over Christmas, and didn't work on it. It was really nice not thinking about it through the holiday rush. But now the holidays are over, and I am writing. I wanted to let you know so that my two loyal readers wouldn't think I was ignoring them. I am probably sitting staring at my manuscript wondering what the devil I am going to write next. So, if you come here and I haven't posted in a while please say a prayer for me. I am sure the writing is going well, but a little extra prayer can't hurt. PAX - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad