Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nobody's Watching Or: another installment of Why I LOVE YouTube!

Nobody's Watching was a pilot for the now defunct WB network that sadly didn't make the transition to the new CW Network. The producers decided to give it a life on the internet, and loaded the pilot as three 9 minute segments on YouTube. here, here and here. Since they did that about a month ago nearly 400,000 people have taken the time to download and play the pilot, and since that time NBC has decided to pick up the series.

I for one am really glad because it was laugh out loud funny and creative. It will fit right into the NBC lineup of comedies like My Name is Earl, Scrubs and The Office.

Why not check it out yourself. You deserve a laugh.



Tony said...

Thanks a lot. You got me hooked on that awful thing :)

angelmeg said...

As I have said before about other things (namely chocolate) I am NOT an enabler. I point the way toward something but you must control your own use of it.

personally I am not a youTube-aholic, I am more of a YouTube-atarian it enhances my lifestyle without overpowering me.

Unfortunately I do see addictive behavior in my older children, who have many more favorites in their YouTube accounts than I do.

Some people have no restraint.