Monday, July 10, 2006

This Week's Shot of B16

OR Why I Love This Pope So Much:

A quote from a message at the vigil at the fifth world meeting of families in Valencia, Spain:

"To promote the values of marriage does not stand in the way of fully experiencing the happiness that man and woman encounter in their mutual love," he noted. "Christian faith and ethics are not meant to stifle love, but to make it healthier, stronger and more truly free Â…"

he continued. "Human love needs to be purified and to mature if it is to be fully human and the principle of a true and lasting joy."

VALENCIA, Spain,JULYY 9, 2006 (

He should have been wearing a Fight Hedonism T-shirt while he was giving that message. I think that has been the message we have received from our last two Popes. We need to rise above the hedonism of this world and reclaim true love for its intended purpose.

Later in the message B16 goes on to say:

"this meeting(world meeting of families) provides a new impetus for proclaiming the Gospel of the family, reaffirming the strength and identity of the family founded upon marriage and open to the generous gift of life, where children are accompanied in their bodily and spiritual growth."

He concluded saying "this is the best way to counter a widespread hedonism which reduces human relations to banality and empties them of their authentic value and beauty."

Preach it Papa, if only the world would listen!



Suzanne said...

Amen to that!

glorybe said...

I agree with Suz!

Is there really a "Fight Hedonism" t-shirt? I want one!

angelmeg said...

No, Sadly the Fight Hedonism T-shirt campaign is only in my fertile imagination. I should come up with a design and market them from my blog.

I wonder what it would take to get permission to use B16's quote on a t-shirt?