Friday, August 26, 2005

My Starbucks Days Might Be Numbered

A friend told me about this a week ago, and now I have seen more proof of the link between Starbucks and a Homosexual Agenda. I don't think I want to frequent a place that is promoting something I don't agree with. Epsecially in the case of the "Gay Pride Day, because of some of the children's activities.

I will certainly have to do some serious prayer and discernment on this issue. Especially since I use a card that I purchase from the Catholic School at the parish where I work every time I go into Starbucks, and each time I purchase something, 5% of the total is payed back to the school. Do the benefits outweigh the mixed messages? I don't know. How does one decide something like this?

I will have to rethink my weekly trip to Starbucks. Perhaps it is time to find a locally owned coffee shop to frequent. What will I do without my Hazelnut Latte?

I would appreciate comments from anyone who has an opinion on this one way or the other.



W. said...

Saw your site through comment link at IgnatiusInsight. Looks good. Will return.


Suzanne said...

You already know how I feel, I'm sure. I love there stuff too and they have been a real treat at times, but to me, they've definitely gotten a wee bit to "big for their britches" on this deal. No $$$ from me. It almost sounds like someone "laid low" for awhile until things quieted down or something. Pretty sneaky, wouldn't you say? But then, isn't evil always sneaky?

ukok said...

They certainly wouldn't get my money. I wouldn't want to fund their advocacy of homosexuality. Not that I have ever had a Starbuck's coffee, because we don't have a Satrbucks coffee house in my area of England, but if we did, I wouldn't.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

No Starbucks fan here. Tim Horton's does it for me! Only in Canada, eh? Pity!

I had to give up 'Ben & Jerry's' last week, too! And I love their 'Cherry Garcia'. )-: