Saturday, August 13, 2005

Another Sunday to Worship with my Family

As some of you may know, I am a Faith Formation Ministries Coordinator (aka Director of Religious Education) at a small parish about 30 miles south of the town in which I live. I love the parish, and I love the programs, in fact three of my children have received sacraments through the programs in the parish where I work because for them the programs were more well suited to their needs. I love my job and the people in the parish to whom I minister, but this job is really not the most family friendly job on the planet.

I usually work about two evenings a week on a good week, and on some weeks, like VBS week or Parish Mission week, or Holy Week, I can be expected to be at the Parish four or five nights. When we have a full complement of people preparing for baptism in our RCIA process I can be expected to be at the parish every Sunday for Liturgical Catechesis sessions. So, needless to say, I really enjoy the times when I can actually worship with my family.

This past few weeks I have been blessed with Sundays where there was no pressing need for me to be at the parish, so Father allowed that not only could I worship with my family, but in his words: "We would be hyporcrites if we didn't allow you to worship with your family as often as possible".

It has been so very nice for me to enjoy sitting at Liturgy with my family. Though I must admit I do feel a bit like a visitor. There are even people in my home parish who will make comments like "What are you doing here?", I hope in jest.

Tomorrow I will again be attending Mass with my family, banking up the feeling so that when the RCIA gets into full swing and I go for months without being able to sit next to my daughters, or hold hands with my husband I will remember what it was like.


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