Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Outreach Means to Actually Reach Out

Maureen Martin is in a bit of a friendly competition with Der Tommissar to see which blog can raise the most donations for disaster relief for the victims of Katrina.

Tom has chosen The Saint Vincent de Paul Society, and Maureen has chosen Catholic Charities, both worthy organizations.

Especially since I work at Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. Durn the two of you for making me choose, and I might have done the Christian thing and given an equal donation to each charity and called it a draw except for this little piece of biting commentary I found on Tom's blog:

Now come on men, surely those among you who’ve climbed aboard the Express can outperform a bunch of Advent Wreath maker hangers-on.

If Tom is going to drag gender AND creativity into this little challenge, he has a fight on his hands. I will have to send my money to Catholic Charities.

Do what you can. Even if prayers are all you can afford right now.



Maureen said...

Ha! I have my first Good Samaritan.

Thanks! Maureen

Suzanne said...

I guess CRS is also part of Catholic Charities???
That is where I went because the Vatican encouraged it during the Tsunami crisis. Oh, well, I think it doesn't matter in the long run...God sees the heart and I think they'll need every penny wherever it comes from and they'll surely all know we are "Christian" by our love, by our love.
God bless us all!