Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mr Robertson Has Lost His Way

This Story about Pat Robertson's comments concerning The Comunist Leader in Venezuela is frightening to me. What has happened to Mr. Robertson? He no longer sounds like a man of God, he now sounds like a full time politician. Perhaps his run for the Presidency has changed him.

Violence is never the answer, it only begets more violence. As a man of God he should know that. The only way to combat pure evil of this kind is through prayer.

I know that I will begin praying for the conversion of Mr Chavez, and a change of heart for Mr Roberstson. I hope you will all join me.



Der Tommissar said...

#1. Pat Robertson has gone way over the edge. He was always a bit kooky..

#2. Violence /is/ sometimes the answer. Ask the Third Reich.

angelmeg said...

Tom, Then in my humble opinion, if violence is the answer, someone is asking the wrong questions.