Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lost Puppies

Our intrepid little five month old beagle puppies burrowed out of their pen some time last night and have gone on walkabout. We looked for them this morning running through our woods calling out their names, but no luck. Then after work the angelbaby and I took another trip through the woods.

We left food and water out by the back door. We prayed to God and all the Saints we could think of who might be of help in this situation: St. Francis and Clare of course, and St. Anthony, and St. Rita and Jude.

Tomorrow we will call the humane society and see if they were found, hopefully that will be the case, as they will most likely stay together. It is funny how close one gets to pets, even ones we have only had for a few short months.


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Suzanne said...

Awww!!! :( I will pray too!!!
I know how much angelbabe loves her puppies!