Sunday, August 14, 2005

More Blessed Than I Thought I Would Be

Not only did I get to worship with my family, at my home parish today, but because of vacations, I got to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion as well! This is one ministry that I am not often asked to perform at the parish where I work, but I was on the regular scheduled rotation at the parish where my family worships before I took the job. It is the one ministry I really miss.

When Father asked if there were any extraordinary ministers in the congregation who could help out at Mass, Mrangelmeg practically shoved me out of the pew because he knows how much I love this ministry. There is something about being able to share the act of Communion with the congregation, as we all consume what we become so as to become one Body in Christ, is so meaningful to me.

As I was standing there offering the cup to each person, making eye contact and saying to each one in turn "The Blood of Christ", naming what they would become when they consumed from the cup, my heart could hardly contain my joy.

Then I went back to help with the duties of the ministers, cleaning up the vessels. The other ministers all said I didn't have to help but I said that it wasn't fair of me to do the fun part without doing the busy work as well. I enjoyed every moment of it.

It was really hard to keep the tears from welling up in my eyes. This is what liturgy is all about.



Heather said...

I absolutely love helping our pastor serve communion to the congregation. I know the feeling and it so powerful to serve your brothers and sisters in Christ. I have been so blessed on a number of occasions and it never seems to get old.

~m2~ said...

i am also an extraordinary minister and a lector - while i love helping distribute communion, i can't even give it a thought until after i am finished as to what i just helped with - i get blown away.

but i also get blown away by reading the Word. i can't understand why folks don't seem to take it as seriously. it's God's Word to us, how can we not feel knocked over by a feather when we hear it?

Suzanne said...

If you would have asked me in the past if I would have ever become an Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister, I would have said, "I don't think I can do that!" I am still in awe and feel like I HOPE it is okay with Our Lord, because I don't feel like the best soul to do this, however, like you, there are times when tears well up and my heart is so overwhelmed that I have had this chance to do this, that all I can think is "Thank you, Lord." It is good for me also, in the sense that when one who comes up that is truly close to Our Lord, you can see it in their eyes, with their posture and respect of the One who loves us so! That takes my breath away and I know that this is for me to see and learn much from!

angelmeg said...

There is a woman at the parish where I work who is an extraordinary minister. I will not comment on her call, because I have no faculty to do so, she may be totally sincere in her call to this ministry in the church.

What bothers me is her delivery. When she confronts a communicant with the host or cup her tone is so forceful that it is as if she is trying to convince that person that what she has is in truth the Body or Blood of Christ. She says "This IS the Body (Blood) of Christ" depending upon which she is administering.

It always jars me when I receive from her. My first reaction is to reply "right on" or some other strong affirmative. or to say "you don't have to convince me honey" which would be worse.

My next thought is If I could just get her to drop the "this IS" I would be okay.

Oh well, it takes all kinds to make a church.