Friday, August 05, 2005

Pinch Me, No Really

I just got out of a staff meeting and I am in a daze. Somebody pinch me quick. I have been praying for certain liturgical changes in my parish ever since I took this job and woo hoo, my new boss just instituted every single one of them at one staff meeting. I am in awe.

It is as if he and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to how things should be done. I don't even have to beg, or whine, or complain to get him to do the things I couldn't even get my previous pastor to consider.

I am sitting here wondering how I got so lucky. Things are going to change around here, and we have a pastor who is willing to stand up and say what needs to be said in order to make the changes happen.

Did I say I am in awe. Oh I think I did.

I actually had tears in my eyes at least twice as he described his vision for how things will be done in the sacramental programs. I know for a fact that after a month of his homilies the parish has come to expect the unexpected, and I have heard from the most diverse quarters that hearts are being touched by his message. The beauty of it is that as simple as his message is, it is all about getting back to our Catholic roots. We are the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church, and if we don't teach that and live that at every turn then there is no point to anything we are trying to do.

And to add to my comfort zone, he completely understands about working in a messy office. In fact he thinks that his office will rival mine for messiness.

I think I am going to like working here.



Anonymous said...

I'll take care of the pinching. All others feel free to gently slap her face.

Suzanne said...

What in the world are the changes?
Do you think you should have the right to have us all sitting on the edge of our seats? Sounds like great news so far! :) SHARE, lovey!

Unknown said...

Most of them have to do with Sacramental Celebration. We will be celebrating First Eucharist at Sunday Liturgy this year, not in some Saturday morning Mass where only the parents can enjoy the celebration. Our Children will receive First Eucharist in the Center of the Worshiping Community where they belong on the first Sunday in May with a Liturgy that will begin with a May Crowning.

I have been trying to implement this change for five years. With no support from the previous pastor.

The other changes will be blogged about in good time I am sure.

Suzanne said...

Beautiful....thus far! :)

Tony said...

So don't keep us in the dark, what exactly were the liturgical changes you were recommending?