Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Love of Quotes . . .

must have gotten around last year because I got two awesome Christmas gifts based upon the concept of making sure I had plenty of quotes at hand at a moments notice.

One of the gifts is a Daily Calendar of Chocolate quotes. Each day has a different quote about chocolate (or the love of Chocolate). I suppose the fact that I am a true died-in-the-wool Chocolatarian had nothing at all to do with my friend thinking that would be a gift I would love. So far in the 8 days of this year my favorite quote has been:

I often lie awake at night wondering if in this huge and
mysterious universe there might planets
with nicer chocolate than ours. - anonymous
The other gift is a little packet of cards called Pocket Notes which have quotes on just about every topic one might imagine. The reason my friend gave me this was that during our gradual school classes I have a tendency to write little sayings on post-it notes to share with everyone around me. She said when she saw this little packet of quotes in the store it just put her in mind of me. Of course there aren't near as many snarky quotes in the little packet as there are on my post-its, but that is to be expected. I was doing mine to keep from going insane in philosophy class after all.
So far my favorite quote from this little packet has been:
You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note. D Floyd
So, now that I have these awesome gifts, I may from time to time have to share them with you all. Does that constitute a warning or an invitation, you be the judge.

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