Tuesday, January 22, 2008

GO Training Tuesday

I had my first day with my trainer today. If any of you have had the experience of seeing the woman trainer from Biggest Loser who has a website and constantly screams at the people on that show when they don't perform to her satisfaction, my trainer is her polar opposite.

My trainer, Dee, is the mildest mannered woman who explains each exercise and exactly what muscle groups it is targeting (we train all six of the major muscle groups each day that we do strength training). She makes sure that it is an exercise that I am comfortable with -- in fact we tried out three different machines for abdominals before we chose the one I will be using, just to be sure I was totally comfortable.

Dee wants me to do some form of aerobic exercise every day, and her regimen of strength training every other day ( a minimum of three days a week). I have to chart my progress on a form that is there at the Y, so that each week when we meet she will be able to see what I have been doing and then when we are together we can readjust the weights and resistances as needed.

I am so happy with this relationship. I feel as though I got a great workout. While my arthritic joints are a bit sore, I expected that to happen, so I just took a bit more of my extra medicine tonight and plan to put on some
Biofreeze when I get home for the evening.

I feel great, I have an exercise program that I can stick to and a trainer that I really like.

God is good, all the time.



Mimi said...

Whohooooo! Sounds good!

Adoro te Devote said...

With my new gym memership I got 2 free trainer sessions...the first is a body age assessemt, which was actually helpful to me (which I blogged about) and I had to cancel our other session, and she never returned my call.

The coupon I have is good either until the end of Feb. or March, so I really need to figure out when I can do this, but my work schedule is taking most of my weekends and my weekdays both. Yeah, I get time off, but it's staccato.

And while I liked my trainer, her lack of responsiveness to my cancellation and request to call back leaves me cold. Being that my last job was very customer service oriented and knowing that she is actually transitioning to a different club location is not helpful...her reaction to me tells me that she is already "there".

So I think I need to call someone else....and see if someone can work with my stupid schedule, even if it's on a Sunday, which I prefer not to do for obvious religious reasons. But they work that day regardless.

I wish I could afford more trainer sessions, but I can't. Yet as this last trainer pointed out, I used to be at a very elite level of training, so in reality I don't need it...just some adjustment as I am no longer training for the same things. And you know, that is important.

If you train inapporprately, you can be wrecked by it, quite literally, so I'm glad you found a good trainer for you and the goals you have.

For me...I want to be able to spike at the elite level I was at before, which will take me to wherever I want to go if I change my goals.

Sometimes I wish I was like normal women and just wanted to lose weight or look good...that would make it less complicated.

Sorry, digression there...