Wednesday, January 16, 2008

GO What I'm Writing Wednesday

I started working on a novel last summer about a woman who receives locutions from the Blessed Mother and the impact they have on her family, and others who are drawn to her because of them. This is the introduction from my still unfinished novel:

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It was a beautiful soothing voice that interrupted her morning prayers that morning in early (MONTH). She was compelled to listen:

“My darling daughter, do not be afraid. I come to you this morning because your country is in great peril; the world is in great peril. Someone is needed to bring a message of hope to this world and My Son has chosen you to be His messenger.

“You are a mother who has born great pain; because of your scars you show great compassion for others. This gift will be greatly needed in the future that is to come. Much will be asked of you in the next few years, but I will be with you to guide you and together we will show your country, and the world how to avert this great peril through prayer and fasting.

“I will come to you again in a fortnight. In the meantime continue to pray my beloved rosary as you do and seek confession of your sins and the strength of daily Communion. These are practices that please My Son. He loves you and I love you as the Father loves you. May the Peace of God Father Son and Holy Spirit rest upon you. “

Felicity Germain lay in bed blinking back tears of joy her rosary pressed to her cheek, then suddenly she sat bolt upright. Did she just imagine the voice she had heard? If it had been her imagination why could she remember every word so very clearly? Was she going off her rocker? She scratched her slightly graying hair and swung her feet to the floor. She could here the sounds of Art and the kids preparing breakfast, as they always did while she finished her morning prayers.

She reached for her journal and wrote down exactly what the voice had said, word for word, just in case. When she had finished she replaced her rosary and journal on the headboard and stood up to begin her day. As she stood up she noticed that the room was filled with the overwhelming and unmistakable scent of roses.

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I may be biased, but I thought it did a pretty good job of setting up the situation and making the reader want to know more. Heck I want to know more about this woman, and what kind of peril the country is in. I want to know what kind of pain caused her to have so much compassion for others. I love writing. It lets you explore so many things.


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