Thursday, January 31, 2008

A New Day

Last Night the nice man at the Computer Shop called and said that they had found the problem with my computer. After trying to make it crash for about half a day with no luck they began running a diagnostic on the component parts and found that one of the RAM sticks is faulty so they removed it. The good news is the fix will only cost $49. The even better news is that the computer is still under extended warranty and Dell should cover the RAM stick so I should be able to get it replace by Dell (hopefully they will just send the stick and let mrangelmeg put it in and not make me send the whole computer to them).

So, since the puter has two gig of ram I should be able to do just about everything I need to do on the one gig that is working properly until I get the other stick. I am so happy that I will be back on my own computer in just a few hours that I could get misty.

I am off in just a few for a visit with my personal trainer and then I will pick up my computer and take it to the nearest wifi hotspot and give it a test drive while I am waiting to pick up the Saintly daughter from school because there won't be time to come all the way home in between.

Things are looking up today after yesterday. Maybe I will actually get some writing done while I am at the coffee shop. That is my goal anyway, to write an essay for Helium, and maybe even write another chapter of the book in progress.

I love Thursdays.

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