Thursday, January 24, 2008

GO Two-fer What I'm Writing Wednesday and Theology Thursday Rolled Into One

On Wednesday my lovely 18 year old daughter had a seizure at school. She hasn't had a seizure since she was 13 years old, when she was diagnosed with epilepsy so we were a bit shocked by this turn of events, but after a visit to her Neurologist, we may have a reason for this and it may be an isolated incident. Just to be safe though, she is being placed back on a maintenance dose of epilepsy meds for the time being and we are praying that she has no more problems.

Because having to deal with her problem threw off my schedule for the day I am combining my two topic lines for Wednesday and Thursday and I am going to feature one of my articles from as the GO Theology Thursday blog entry.

I want to emphasize for those of you who might be wondering why someone who just completed a degree in Theology would write an essay on the Eucharist in this simple language that when I write for Helium I try to write with the intention of making my essays understandable to anyone who has never in their lives even entered a Catholic Church. I try to explain Catholic doctrine and practices in as simple a language as I can. I think I did a very nice job in this particular essay on the topic of Eucharist and its meaning to mankind.

I hope you enjoy it.


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