Tuesday, January 15, 2008

GO Training Tuesday

So I registered for my personal trainer last week and I have yet to hear back from anyone at the YMCA where they happily took my money and had me fill out scads of paperwork. I am sure they are trying to decide if I am worth the potential risk of a lawsuit should anything happen to me during my training even though I had to sign something saying that I would not hold them accountable if I died trying to get fit.

I guess if I don't hear something by Thursday of this week I will give them a call and see what is holding up the process. I want to get started and am terrified that I will do more harm than good if I try to do it on my own.

I am trying to get better sleep and eat more protein and less junk. I don't know how successful I am being, but at least I am trying to do something while I wait. I am planning to go to Mass tonight and then stop in at the visitation for a man from the parish who died (I knew his kids from my youth ministry days way back when). I will say an extra prayer for my intention of getting on track physically and maybe even go walk a mile after morning mass tomorrow.


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