Monday, January 14, 2008

How Much Righteous Indignation do you get . . .

before it becomes the mortal sin of Anger?

I am just wondering because something happened this evening that has me boiling over. My mom has been falling a lot lately because the Alzheimer's disease is affecting her peripheral vision and her ability to judge distances. Twice in the last week she has fallen and hit her head.

It is the policy of the nursing home that when she falls and hits her head they have to send her to the emergency room of the local hospital which is about a five minute ambulance ride down the road. Tonight she fell and hit the back of her head and raised a pretty big goose egg (that is the technical term, don'tcha know), so the nurse on her wing at the home thought they would probably have to do a cat scan when she got to the hospital to make sure there wasn't a concussion, especially because she can barely respond to verbal questions on a good day.

Well, it turns out that when she got to the ER the Dr. didn't even let the Paramedics unstrap her from their gurney, they just asked if she had lost consciousness and when the paramedics said no the Dr. sent her back to the nursing home without even treating her.

I am livid! Would he have been that callous if that had been his mother? Was he having a bad day? What could have possessed him to be that unfeeling? I just hope, for his sake (and for mom's) that mom doesn't end up with a closed head hematoma, or a broken rib or something else he didn't take the time or energy to look for.

Sheesh! All I have to say is Karma is a bitch, and he will get his someday.

Mom is back at the nursing home where the staff loves her and will watch over her carefully for the next 72 hours to make sure that she doesn't have any ill effects from her fall. I have left instructions for the Dr. to at least try mom out on a walker; with the help of the physical therapy staff there she just might catch on that using a walker will help her balance better (at least it can't hurt to try).

And I am going to say some extra prayers of blessing for the Dr. that that I have been cursing for the last hour. Please join me, he may need them.


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Mimi said...

Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy