Saturday, January 05, 2008

Time to Do Something

So yesterday we went to the Y. I haven't been in a really long time. My feeble excuse has been that I have been so busy with finishing the darn Gradual School degree that I just didn't have time.

In the meantime my old nemesis Arthur has mounted a full scale invasion. In my short workout yesterday I found that his forces has marshaled troops in my right shoulder and left hip, two new spots.

I tried to get as much done as I had before, but I was afraid of really doing some damage because I'm not sure how to use certain equipment correctly.

So, I have decided that I need to stop thinking about this and do it right. I looked at the bulletin board that introduced all of the trainers available for hire and there is one that is working on a PhD in Physical Therapy. I think I will go in there on Tuesday and see if I can get him to take me on as a client. That way I can explain to him that not only do I have to deal with arthritis, but I also have the issues with my lack of an ACL in my left knee, and make sure that when I am doing the exercises and using the equipment I am actually doing good, not harm.

I am tired of not being in shape, and I want to get into shape before mrangelmeg and I go on our anniversary trip this summer, so if I get started this winter I should have plenty of time to see some good results before summer.

Wish me luck, even with the best trainer in the world it will still be up to me to do the hard work.

Hey, stop laughing, it could happen.


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