Friday, January 04, 2008

Come and you will see . . .

Today's Gospel reading was the story of the followers of John the Baptist when they first encounter Jesus. (John 1:35-39) After John points out Jesus, the apostles approach him and ask "where is it that you reside?" To this Jesus answers "Come and you will see . . ."

Our Associate Pastor's homily began by cautioning us that the first reading which states that those who belong to God do not sin was the goal and not the rule, and we should all be seeking to reach that goal of not sinning, but in actuality we all fall short of that goal all the time. But each time we fall, Jesus is there to reach out to us and ask us to "come and see" where he resides. Father then challenged us to then reflect on where Jesus has been leading us to see "where it is that He resides." in our lives in the here and now. It is all I have been thinking about since I left mass this morning.

When I ask Jesus where he resides and I hear Him say Come and you will see . .

I am led to the nursing home where my mother and the others in her situation live who can no longer care for themselves, but still have much to give this world. Even though they don't know or remember those of us who visit them there, they are happy to see us and we are blessed by having spent time with them. This is a place where Jesus resides.

In the experience of my friend John and others who are living with cancer and other life threatening illnesses, and find grace and peace in their experience. Here too, Jesus resides.

In the heart of my patient and loving husband, whose steadfast faith has always been a beacon for me and is truly the spiritual head of our household. Here as well, Jesus resides.

In the community of friends I have found through my gradual school, who have given me such unconditional support and prayers as I have learned to deal with my mother's disease and the legal and medical issues that are involved in placing a parent in a nursing home. In that totally engulfing sense of community, there too Jesus resides.

In the smiles of children (our house was filled with children on Sunday when we had family friends over and their daughter brought her three young sons.) What a joy to have so much energy surrounding us. There too is a place where Jesus resides.

In the wisdom of dedicated priests who offer their lives in service to the community of faith, even those who don't realize it, there too, Jesus resides.

I am blessed to be awakened to this idea because now I truly do see God in all things.


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