Monday, January 14, 2008

GO New Media Monday

So you all know how much I love my iPod. I have found that I am absolutely addicted to podcasts and at one time was subscribed to way too many. Now I have paired it down to ones that I actually listen to on a regular basis, and get something from.

In searching the
SQPN website the other day I discovered that you can actually get the Daily Mass as a video podcast download. How cool is that? If you know you won't be able to get to mass you can download it to your mobile device and take it with you. This Mass is from Boston and the quality of the video and audio is amazing.

I used to teach the kids in my religion classes that the cool thing about being Catholic was that somewhere in the world there was a mass going on 24 hours a day. Now in this amazing age the mass is a close as your iPod, on demand. If you can't get to the Mass you can take it with you. I love this.


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