Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Spirituality of Needlework

I have taken up knitting and crocheting. I may have blogged about it before but over the past few years I have actually created a few things, like scarves that people can actually wear in public without shame. Who Knew?
I took it up because someone told me that it was a good exercise to stimulate the brain, and I am always looking for things to keep my brain nimble. I don't want to end up like my mom in that sad purgatory on earth of Alzheimer's disease.
What I have found about knitting that I never would have imagined is that there is a great spiritual element to knitting and crocheting, actually to needlework in general. I believe it probably has to do with the creative aspect of the endeavor, but there is something more.
While I am working on a piece I am slowed down. I am usually in one place, not frantically on-the-go. And while i do have to concentrate on the pattern to some extent, I do have time for quiet meditation. Sometimes I pray for the person to whom I am intending to give the item I am working on, sometimes I think about those who labored to create the yarns that I am working with. Sometimes my meditations are about things that have nothing to do with the work at hand.
Regardless, I am always very peaceful when I am at my knitting (I will stay with that word since I am presently working on a knitted shawl). Even when I make a mistake and have to unravel the work I have done I never seem to feel frustration. I just think about the joy I will feel at getting it right the next time.
When I complete a piece I marvel at the patience and skill that went into the work. I feel blessed that God was with me as I worked. Then I begin to plan for my next project, trying to find something that will be just a bit more challenging than the one I did before.
I have truly found a hobby that brings me great peace, serenity and joy; all spiritual gifts.
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Adoro te Devote said...

I don't have that gift. Maybe partially because my Mom has only one hand so her efforts to teach me any kind of needlework were exercises in frustration for BOTH of us!

I did try latch hook stuff, and completed it, but bored too easily. Partially because it's TOO simple, partially because, while I appreciate great embroidery and such, it's not my area.

I have felt what you describe, though, with regard to art work. I've posted a few things on my blog. Most of what I've drawn isn't very good, but some has come out well. Some were so admired by my coworkers that I ended up making prints and selling them. $5.00. I think I broke even in that endeavor! LOL!

One day I hope to pick up my arts flute, my charcoals, my pastels, my pen and ink, my pencils. Because I still have sketches that made me realize I was being drawn to God. Hmm..maybe I should post on this.

God bless you as you do this. And...can I have a scarf? LOL! I'll send you a print in exchange! (Of...something. Do you like Mother Teresa?)

Ebeth said...

Hey Angelmeg,
My mother-in-law taught me to crochet yeeeears ago and I just picked it up for a kick with needing just one more hobby????eeeeeek! Now I am hooked! For the past 3 years, I have been crocheting sweaters, vests, gloves, mittens, boas, hats, afgans, gifts, whatever, then last February I learned about blogging...oh my goodnes!! My sewing machine doesn't recognize me anymore! much less the crochet hooks! I need more organized time. Still studying to get my certification in Catechesis and desiring to get a degree in Theology.

Love to join your yarning circle!