Thursday, May 31, 2007

There Goes Mom of the Year for This Year

So I can't be here this weekend for my daughter's graduation ceremony because I have to go to my first Ancient Philosophy class (the first of my final two classes of my Masters Program) in Indianapolis this weekend and I will be in class when she is crossing the stage to receive her diploma. Philosophy not being my strong suit, I am probably going to be where I need to be, but I feel really as though I am leaving her without a mom for her big day.

So I was trying to be "the mom" today and decided that I would iron all the creases out of her graduation gown. I should have just left it alone, or sent it over to my mother-in-law, which was my first thought, because you see, I am only remotely acquainted with the workings of an iron in the first place. This gown that she has received to wear on Saturday is made from some fabric that is decidedly not of a natural fiber and even though I had the iron on what I thought was a low setting, and the first two passes went well, there is a nice little burn mark in the front of her gown.


After cursing a blue streak that would have made George Carlin proud, I unplugged the iron, and sprayed the entire gown with wrinkle reducer, which has had no effect whatsoever except to make the gown soggy. Not a single wrinkle has budged.

We thought of swapping her gown out for her brother's , he graduated a few years ago and wore the same color. The only problem is, he is about five inches taller than she is, and it would look pretty obviously as though she were wearing someone else's gown. My daughter has inspected the damage and really doesn't seem to have a problem with it at all, but I am still a bit freaked out at how stupid I could have been for not thinking to put a towel down over the stupid gown before I started to press it.

My only saving grace is that the scorch mark is in the fold on the front and isn't quite noticeable when the gown hangs properly. I will just have to hope that my daughter keeps her hands in front of her chest for most of the ceremony, and no one will notice.

In my own clumsy way I have made it possible for me to be "there" with her at the ceremony. LOL At least in the spirit of my crappy ironing abilities.


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Mimi said...

Urg. I ruined a favorite dress once the same way.