Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Vocational Perspective

Adoro te Devote has a very moving entry on the vocation of the Single Catholic Adult; those among us who are called to be set apart by God to be neither Priest, religious or married.

It is worth a read as well as the lengthy comments that follow. I have some very dear friends who are called to this life and I feel great respect for their perseverance in a society that looks upon them as "the crazy cat lady" or the self absorbed wild boy who never wants to grow up. They are much more than either of those definitions.


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Suzanne said...

There is nothing wrong with being a single person...nothing at all. I think it can be a lonely place unless one has some close friendships with other singles too, though. Still, there is ALOT to be said for this vocation and alot one can do while living it out. Its like anything else...we just pray ...what is my vocation...what is yours...what is each person's vocation...pray about it and live it out to the best you have got and then again sometimes later, things change again...from single to married or single to religious life.