Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Totally Cool Idea

May 19, 2007 at the Rose Bowl:

Rosary Bowl Pasadena

I would love to see this become a Yearly Nationwide event. Can't you see it we could fill every Sports Dome and Stadium that wasn't being used that day for a Prayer event of Epic Proportions because:

A World at Prayer is a World at Peace.
Now that is a future I would like to work toward.
h/t to Barb at Church of the Masses

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Suzanne said...

I gotta ask my friend, Ed, about this. He wrote the other day after a long abscence and listed EVERYTHING going on around there and failed to mention this. Hmmm...WOW!! Wonderful! I'll pass around and hey...don't forget not to buy gas on May 15th. Today is lil St. David's actual momma announced "feastday."
I haven't had the Vatican chime in, but we know, don't we? Actually, since they didn't verify it at the hospital till the 9th of May in that legal way...he has two! God bless you today! Suz