Friday, May 18, 2007

A Good Day!

Yesterday was a good day. I wanted to spend a few moments this morning writing down my thoughts so that I don't forget how blessed I am.

1) I got a call from third daughter's school (she is away on a mission trip with 9 other high school age kids helping to rebuild a house in New Orleans this week). The school secretary said that word from the work site is that the kids are all learning a great deal and things are going very well. Daughter couldn't find her cell phone before she left so we have only heard from her once all week. we miss her terribly.)

2) The School Secretary also personally invited us to the School Awards Night next week because Third Daughter is going to receive awards (note the plural)! Mom couldn't be more pleased with how well daughter is doing at this school. Sadly mrangelmeg will be flying back from a very long grueling business trip that day and have to miss the festivities.

3) Second Daughter stayed after school to finish up a Computer Graphics assignment and was exactly where we had asked her to be exactly when we had arranged to meet her to be picked up. This is a very huge thing for her because she is High Functioning Autistic, and has a tendency to wander and lose track of time. Yesterday was all good.

4) Son remembered to stop by Grandma's house after work to mow the lawn, even though she had called to tell us that she didn't think the grass was long enough to need a mow. Grandma lives all by herself in what has become a not so pleasant part of town, so I am sure that she loved the company. Son is becoming more and more responsible as he grows into adulthood. This is very nice to see.

5) First Daughter and I drove to Indy (she drove I just went along for the ride, I hate to drive in Indy-rush-hour traffic) to see an advance screening of a new movie Waitress starring Kerri Russell and Nathan Fillion. We met one of my best friends from my Gradual School program who works and lives in Indy and she came to the movie with us. The movie was funny, and touching, (the morality was way off base, but once I let go of moral judgements I really liked it). I am still puzzled over the why of one plot point, but I may never figure that one out. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see something that will make you laugh out loud. It did that, all the way through.

6) When we got back at midnight, mrangelmeg was still up and we had a chance to talk, he had had a pretty good day and with Friday being the last day of his one and (thankfully) only Gradual School Economics class, things will be much better for him after class today. Well, and after he completes and returns his final too.

7) I have completed four chapters of the book I started writing. It is really funny; I thought I had the entire story plotted out in my head, and then yesterday as I was writing a new scene the action took an unexpected twist that will bring a very interesting nuance to the plot. This development brings so many new shades of color to the characters and how they will interact, and how the story will develop that I actually can't wait to find out what will happen next.

My only sadness is that in my rush to get everything in order so that I could go to Indy yesterday I completely forgot that I had planned to call our retired pastor and make lunch plans one day this week. I am horrible. I really want to go out to lunch with him but in my excitement about writing every day (some days I am at it till noon or later) I just completely forgot him. Oh well, maybe I will call him on Monday and make plans for next week while mrangelmeg is out of town.


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