Monday, May 14, 2007

National Wear an Apron Day

Remember Ladies (and Gents) today is National Wear an Apron Day.

Don your best Apron and proudly wear it where everyone can see you. I plan to do so.

Now, what goes with purple checks?



Paul Stokell said...


angelmeg said...

You Rabble Rouser.

I think in our case it is a little more feminine than the Masons.

I added the gents because I thought some men (Like my son who wears an apron at work) might want to stand in solidarity with us, but this is actually a day for women to stand up and be counted.

Sheesh as a stay at home dad you should be on our side.

embrace your apron even if it says

Kiss the cook!


Friends don't let Friends Drink Lite Beer.!

Stand with us,

Paul Stokell said...


Truthfully, I foresee an apron as a forthcoming Fathers' Day present, as I wear one religiously (*almost* like the Masons) during the Liturgy of the Grill. (You should see me during the Preparatory Rites!) My Williams-Sonoma (the Slabbinck of the grilling world, don'tcha know) is getting a bit worn out.

I'm holding out for the one Bender wears in the barbecue scenes on "Futurama" - "Heil to the Chef!" Or perhaps the "300" theme - "TONIGHT WE DINE OUTSIDE!!"