Sunday, May 13, 2007

How Much Fun Was That?

Yesterday mrangelmeg and I went to my Gradual School for Graduation Ceremonies for one of my very best friends in my program down there Deacon John Simmons, a permanent deacon in the Diocese of Louisville. He has been a guest blogger on my site and now has his own blog The Speakin' Deacon where he posts his awesome homilies.

John and I began at St Meinrad at the same time. He had transferred from Spaulding in Louisville when their program was closed down, which was great for me because that meant that I got to spend the last four years getting to know this great man.

He has often spoken of his wife in that time, but we had never met her until yesterday. I tell you what, I love his wife. She is one great lady. I can see why his dual vocation is so important to him. I have written before about the habit he has of playing with his wedding ring when he preaches. When you meet his wife, and see them together, you can see that the connection to that vocation is so strong and really carries over into his vocation to his call and work as a Deacon.

Anyway, sitting with his wife at Graduation was so much fun. She has a great sense of humor, and suffice it to say I pick the seat next to hers whenever we go anywhere with them from now on.

It was so much fun being back at Gradual School after nearly a year away (only two short trips since last summer). I got to see most of my professors and got hugs from all of my classmates who graduated and some of the seminarians who will soon be ordained. Two in our diocese!!!

We also had the chance to meet the seminarian who will be spending the summer at our parish. We wanted to be able to welcome him to town.

We got invited to a cookout for one of my other friends who graduated, and ended up getting back home about midnight because we were sitting around looking at pictures of a trip to Scotland that one of our professors and a student took. They were awesome.

I miss my classmates so much. I am really glad that I will be in class in a few weeks.

Whoa did I just say that? Quick somebody check my temperature.


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Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Yes, check that. I'm worried about your health ;)