Monday, May 21, 2007

Golf: The Walk you Love to Hate

Mrangelmeg convinced me to dust (and there was a whole lot of dust) off my golf bag and join him and the angelbaby for a round of golf at the local Par 3 course on Sunday.

It has been at least two years, probably closer to three since the last time I have played any golf at all (including Putt-Putt). We first went to the driving range to hit buckets of balls. I was so rusty, but after a bit at least I was hitting the ball fairly straight (well, fairly to the right, but the ball was moving away from my club which is always good.)

When we got to the course I played with consistent inconsistency for the first four holes. I shot a 10 on the first hole and a 5 on the second, then a 9 on the third, and a 5 on the fourth. After that I played a much better round; shooting 5,6,5,4, over the next four holes and I even shot par on the final hole.

I was so pleased with the way I played (after the third hole anyway). I really could use some work on my short game, well actually I could really use a short game; but that has never stopped most of the men I know who play golf for fun, so why should it stop me?

I really like this little course, it is short enough to make you feel like you are doing a good job, and plays really fast even when there is a crowd. I think I will play out there a lot this summer to get my confidence back up. Then who knows, I might even try to play in a league or something.


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