Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday IPod Random Ten

Today instead of just giving you a random playlist I will give you a Meme of randomness thanks to a stolen tag from Paul Stokell a fellow Meinrad person who now lives in OK.

The Rules: Set your iPod or media player/program of choice to shuffle and answer each question with the song that comes up. Then repost the answers in a note of your own. No Cheating!

--- How do you feel right now:
Can't Stop This Thing we Started (Bryan Adams - So Far So Good)

--- When you get older your life will be:
Words of Love (Buddy Holly - Gold; Disc 1)

--- Your angry song is:
Danse Russe From Swan Lake (by Peter Ilyich Tchiakovsky with Joshua Bell on Violin - Classical Styles, Classical Sounds)

--- Your love song is:
Best of My Love (Eagles -Their Greatest Hits Volume I)

--- Your happy song is:
Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight (Buddy Holly - Gold Disc 1)

--- How you feel about your husband

You Were On My Mind (We Five - Billboard Top Pop Hits 1965)

--- What your husband thinks about you:
I'll be There For You (Bon Jovi - Crossroads)

--- What your style says about you:
Let's See Action (The Who featuring Eddie Vedder - Live at the Royal Albert Hall Disc 2)

--- How is your love life:

You Have Lived (Don McLean -American Pie and Other Hits)

And I am adding One to make it an even Ten:

What Your Kids think of you:

Bouncing off the Ceiling (A Ragamuffin Band - Prayers of a Ragamuffing Band)

This was much fun, and except for Swan lake pretty close to spot on, (We love Joshua Bell so He shows up on my IPod Playlist quite a bit. I often wonder just how random the shuffle function really is when two songs from the same disc show up on a list of ten songs though? -- see older and happy above.


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Suzanne said...

This was really it turned out, don't ya think?