Friday, May 25, 2007

My New Reality Show Osession

I should preface this post with My name is angelmeg and I am a reality show junkie.

I love to watch reality television. Sometimes it is the best thing that is on and sometimes it is like watching a train wreck, you just can't turn away. I will also admit that I haven't watched a Survivor episode or Big Brother since, well, ever.

I will also admit that I am not a big fan of American Idol. I realized this year that all of the singers that I like from the AI ranks were never ones that actually won. (You Go Carrie Unerwood and Chris Daughtry). I did watch Dancing With the Stars, and I absolutely loved Top Chef and plan to watch the new Miami episodes that will begin in a few weeks.

Last Summer my kids were enthralled with So You Think You Can Dance. They watched every episode and were so caught up in whether Benjie was better off if he won and was offered the job with Celine Dion or lost and dodged that particular bullet, (In case you weren't a fan he actually won the show, but chose not to take the wonderful offer of a spot dancing with Celine, and has been dancing in other shows and videos since his win -- oldest daughter is a fan of his
MySpace page and keeps up with his movements) .

My other favorite show is Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. I just love to watch them create those amazing cakes. I would love the thought of an actual Charm City Cake for my Gradual School Graduation Party (As If they only delivered to the wiles of southern Indiana!)

Our newest obsession as of last week is the new Fox show On the Lot on Mondays and Thursdays. This show allows aspiring filmmakers a chance to battle it out for a spot with the Spielberg organization for a year. So far we have had a great time watching the ups and downs of these would be directors. Some of the short films they created for the Boot Camp were pretty amazing. Our favorite was Time Out.

Reality TV is a bit of a crap shoot, sometimes it is as fun a watching paint dry. Sometimes you wonder why anyone would want to be on a reality show. Most of the time it at least beats watching reruns.


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