Sunday, May 27, 2007

Show Us Your Veil

I have found that I am not the only one :

Who has felt so small before the almighty that she wanted to cover her head with a veil.

Who wanted to add a simple chapel veil over her hair to church or adoration, but felt too shy, or that she might be drawing the wrong kind of attention to herself if she did.

There has been an ongoing discussion of just this topic in the Catholic blogosphere among women who wish to wear a veil for the right reasons. As Coffee Wife at the Walled Garden states:
-Wearing a religious hat/veil does not "save" you.-Wearing a hat/veil does not make you better then anyone else.

-Wearing a hat/veil is not a status symbol of any kind.Wearing a hat, veil or other kind of head covering is a beautiful expression of one's femininity and every woman should be free to do so without scorn or public humiliation.
Head coverings of all types have been worn for thousands of years - so why should any woman be made to feel like a freak if she attends Mass in a veil, wears a beautiful flowery hat to town, ties a scarf over her hair or wears a head covering for religious purposes?
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Here are some thoughts from Kitchen Madonna
Another viewpoint from Michelle at Rosetta Stone
I say all of us should just get together and start wearing them. If we all do it it becomes a movement. It isn't just one woman here or there trying to be "holier than thou" it is each of us trying to be as holy as we can. If wearing a head covering helps us to feel more humble in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament (and He is Really and Substantially Present every time we set foot in a Church with a Tabernacle) then why should we feel ashamed for doing what we feel called to do.
I will if you will.


Suzanne said...

It would be real nice if the Church would make a "statement" about this.
I mean in all seriousness, that is the way it was! You just understood that your head was to be covered while in the Church and at Mass. I wonder how many are ready to not walk on the altar again, however. Women did not walk on the altar except when getting married. Not at all..nada!
Well, maybe that will come to be again, also. There are many altar boys who stopped serving because they felt odd standing next to a little girl. Sure that sounds prejudice in some ways, but its true...its something I've heard and so the next thing you know, there were more girls serving than the boys and attending seminary dropped ...wasn't the only reason by far, but it happened. Back to veils..what is the history of church teaching that goes along with what the Bible says. Just you know?

angelmeg said...

There is no church law that says we have to wear a head covering, but there is no church law banning it either. After Vatican II it just stopped completely. It went from something everyone did, to something no one did.

No one was given a choice of doing it because it was the right thing to do.

How sad is that.

Suzanne said...

It is sad. I have seen a few wearing them around. It would not bother me, but after what I went through with being called "tongue lady," (if you recall), I am a little hesitant to have anyone thinking that I am trying to lead some kind of march on the wearing of veils at Mass. I'll stand in front of PP and problem...that is alot easier than having Father Don come up with some kind of new sarcastic remark that I will never live down....and YOU know it will happen! Then again, once I heard him say..."I like hats..women should begin wearing hat again!" Go figure him out.. I sure can't! LOL!