Sunday, May 20, 2007

Home: Worn Out and Worried

Our Third Daughter came home from her trip to New Orleans with her school class. She had a wonderful time, but she had an unexpected thing happen on Friday night or early Saturday Morning; she lost her wallet. We aren't so concerned about the rather large sum of money that she had left over from her trip, but she had all of her Identification, including her YMCA card and her Library card and our Insurance card in that thing.

We have searched through every inch of her suitcase and backpack and didn't find anything. Tomorrow we are going to see if they will let us check the tent they were sleeping in again, just to see if it might not have gotten folded up in the tent accidentally.

Please say a quick prayer to St. Anthony that it turns up somehow.

If this is the worst thing that comes out of the whole trip we are lucky. Everything she lost can be replaced, and the money was just that, only money. She is home, safe and sound, and she had a great learning experience on her trip.


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Suzanne said...

Oh! I'm so sorry! What a mess. Well, yes, more than anything she is home safely and soundly, but all that personal information out there is unnerving in today's world! I will say a prayer to St. Anthony..for sure. Let us know! Give my girl one of our (((hugs)))...she knows what kind I mean! :)