Monday, June 04, 2007

Philosophical and Literal IPod Silence Sunday

Sorry for no Random Sunday playlist yesterday but I was in Philosophy class all day and the came home to what literally amounted to a complete power outage mine (and the energy company's till after midnight).

I took advantage of daylight savings and read my textbook until after nine o'clock. Still can't get used to that phenomenon. And then the family sat together and watched about four episodes of the first season of How I Met Your Mother before my laptop battery went dead.

then we all went to bed.

So I might get around to a Lazy Monday Random ten, but with eight chapters of Philosophy to read in less than a month and two parties next weekend (daughter # 1 is turning 21 on Saturday and daughter #2 is having an open house for graduation on Sunday, I seriously doubt that today will lean anywhere near lazy in the angelmeg household.

I will post a Housecleaning Monday Random 10, Yeah that's the ticket.

Besides I want to post about the awesome Philosophy class I went to. I won't say that this professor will make me a philosopher, but he does make me understand it and after two days I do see light in a very dark forest, which is nice. I may never be able to think like a philosopher, but with this professor at least I won't feel dense in his presence.


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