Monday, June 25, 2007

I Wouldn't Have Believed it If I Hadn't Been There

So my youngest daughter went to fencing camp last week. She had such a wonderful time that she bugged me all weekend to remember that the Fencing Club Open Lessons are on Monday nights. She was all ready to continue her career as a fencing fool.

The amazing thing is that she has convinced her couch potato older sister to join her at fencing! They went to their first open lesson tonight. Older sister was in the beginners class and younger sister was in the advanced class because of fencing camp.

Older sister really enjoyed it and is looking forward to actually getting to "suit up", since this week the beginners just worked on footwork and didn't put on fencing gear.

Younger sister was the youngest and smallest one in the advanced class, but kept up with everyone else in all the drills, and was really sad when the class was over.

The instructor told older sister that she had to keep up with the footwork practice so that she wouldn't get sore, and younger sister is all about making sure that they remember to practice every day. As we were driving home younger sister said "I can't wait till next Monday!"

I think they have found a sport that they really like. Praise God.


Suzanne said...

What a neat thing for the sisters to get together and do! I would like to watch them "in action" someday.
Just be sure to tell angelbaby not to get to angry at Shane whilst she has her weapon in hand! LOL! (PS...well, I would not exactly blame her)!

angelmeg said...

They are trained to never weild their weapons unless their opponent has on the proper safety equipment. Fencing is one of the safest sports there is.

I do want you to know that she has been known to hang up on him now when he gets snotty with him on the phone. She doesn't take his snottyness anymore like she used to do. Now when he finds out that she can wield a weapon he may have to think twice about picking on her LOL.

Suzanne said...

LOL! Go for it Bridget!
I am sorry he is being rude.
I am going to have ANOTHER (3,007th)
talk with him and if I have to, the phone will be taken away. There is no reason for that. Trust me, he teases everyone the same way. She must know this. Sometimes young ladies think it is just them or a few, but in this case...its everyone, but you, Maggie..I mean, he probably would not do that to any other adult, besides his parents and all other people. Having said that..its no excuse, because lately everyone in Bloomington knows he does it rather he does it to them or not...they are hearing about it. I told him he's gonna be lucky if he has any friends. It isn't kidding around all the time...its just plain mean.
Is there a movie I can show him about how that hurts? A book?
Maybe if others just say how they feel to him and quit making him think he is all that and the other.
I don't know, but you know I didn't teach him that..nor his Dad, not that I am perfect, by any means..but I am not mean to people when talking with them unless I have to get firm...then its firm...sometimes salt and peppered with a little sarcasm, but mostly firm or kind..period...I don't get it.
PS Oh I know about fencing being a safe sport, actually..I was only using that bit of sarcasm here.

Suzanne said...

I think my son called to apologize to your daughter. We are going get a heart in that boy...yet! It's gonna take time...its in there.